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a man in a Server Room


At Vivacity Technologies we offer comprehensive support with data center mapping and migration solutions to help organizations seamlessly transition their critical IT infrastructure. 


Our team utilizes Business Service Mapping tools and numerous frameworks and techniques  to analyze, document, and map existing data center environments, providing a clear understanding of your infrastructure layout, dependencies, and capacity. 


With this valuable information, we develop tailored migration strategies to ensure minimal downtime, optimal resource allocation, and improved operational efficiency. In addition, our team uses a RAID Log to capture all observed Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions relevant to the architecture and data centre relocation.


Our experienced professionals work closely with you to plan, execute, and manage the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new data centre environment.

Cables in data centre server boxes


Ensure optimal performance and organization of your data centre with our professional cabling services at Vivacity Technologies. Our experienced technicians deliver meticulous and efficient cabling solutions to meet your data centre architecture. From cable installation and termination to cable management and labeling, we ensure a clean and structured environment that maximizes efficiency and minimizes downtime. 


With our years of expertise in data centre cabling, trust us to provide reliable connectivity, reduce cable clutter, and streamline your IT infrastructure.

A futuristic server room


Unlock the power of our secure and modern micro colocation facilities at Vivacity Technologies. With our colocation services, you can leverage our robust infrastructure and expert support to house your critical IT systems. Benefit from enhanced security, redundant power and cooling, scalable space, and high-speed connectivity. 


Our goal is to ensure maximum uptime and operational efficiency, while you maintain full control over your hardware and applications.

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