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Cities and Municipalities


Cities and Municipalities are at the forefront of economic prosperity, providing the foundation for technology and citizen health to thrive. Often, however, municipalities are looking for ways to:

  • Audit their IT systems, ensuring they're secure and backed up

  • Better utilize their current and future IT infrastructure

  • Generate additional non-tax revenue

  • Provide economic stimulus to their communities

  • Meet sustainability goals for a healthier society

Vivacity Technologies works with Cities and Municipalities to address these issues through independent analysis, market research and technology guidance.


Our team are dedicated IT professionals and technology enthusiast with decades of experience. We aim to provide the guidance and roadmap to help improve municipalities IT infrastructure for every citizen.

First Nation Organizations


First Nations communities are the beating heart of Canada. But much like other organizations, First Nation communities are looking for support and guidance with:

  • Skills and training for developing inhouse IT support

  • Audits on their current IT service provider

  • Trusted and independent advise on deploying new technologies

  • Gap analysis to align IT services to future growth

Vivacity Technologies firmly believes in empowering organizations and First Nation communities with the tools to thrive. Our desire is to provide clear, concise and collaborative support to meet IT and community objective.


IT platforms and technology should not be a hinderance on your growth, but rather a tool to empower your communities.

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises


As of 2020, Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) employed over 85% of the Canadian labor force. Further to this, SMEs are the engines of economic growth and social development. Yet SMEs get restrained by:

  • Poorly setup and scalable IT systems

  • Security flaws, hackers and ransomware

  • Poorly chosen and deployed software and technologies

  • Not utilizing trusted and reliable IT service providers

Vivacity Technologies believes technology and IT systems should accelerate your business operations and growth, not hold you back. As such, we work with organizations to choose and right-size new software and technologies, as well as independently access current solutions.


Vivacity ensures you have access to trusted and reliable partners, meaning you can focus on growing your business and optimizing your operations.


Support you can rely on when your organization needs independent and clear advice.

Darcy Johnson - CEO, All Nations Trust Company

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