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Undertake a deep understanding of your organization's systems, while safeguarding from unforeseen disruptions with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) assessment. Our team at Vivacity Technologies will evaluate your existing BCP framework to identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement. Through a rigorous analysis, we assess critical processes, dependencies, and recovery strategies to ensure your organization is well-prepared for any potential crisis. With tailored recommendations, you can enhance your BCP, optimize recovery time objectives (RTOs), and minimize downtime in the event of disruptions.


Our experienced team guides you through the assessment process, delivering a detailed report and actionable insights to strengthen your resilience.

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Stay on top of all potential security threats from your organization’s applications in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Regular, proactive vulnerability assessments can identify and address potential system loopholes before malicious actors get a chance to exploit them. Vivacity’s Vulnerability Testing services can help you understand your exposure and lock down your environment to mitigate any risks relating to data breaches, financial losses, and reputational harm.


Our services include:

  • Annual application vulnerability assessment;

  • Review and prioritization of vulnerabilities;

  • Implementation support with security patching;

  • Customized engagements to fit your business needs.


Microsoft 365 (M365) is an efficient and user-friendly platform suitable for organizations of all sizes. It simplifies both internal and external communications while facilitating fast document collaboration, making it one of the leading operational platforms available.

At Vivacity, we have expertise in deploying the M365 platform, setting up the platform tailored to your organization's needs. We provide comprehensive hands-on training, ensuring a seamless transition upon deployment. Whether it involves configuring SharePoint sites for your entire team or leveraging OneDrive for handling sensitive documents, we are well-equipped to assist you at every step. Our team has years of practical experience and extensive knowledge on M365, enabling them to expedite and strengthen your internal operations.

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