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Meet Dr. Premie Naicker!

Updated: Feb 21

Dr. Premie Naicker

Meet Dr. Premie Naicker, Vivacity Technologies newest employee! Premie has joined Vivacity as our Director of People and Projects, and will play an instrumental role in helping manage projects and client relations. Premie has an extensive background and educational history in business development and IT. Premie holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration focusing on Management and Operations from Milpark Business School, and a PhD in Leadership and Organizational development from the DaVinci Institute. Premie has over 20 years of experience helping drive innovation for a range of fast-paced international software companies in South Africa. In addition, Premie is a certified Transformational Coach under the International Coaching Federation with a passion for empowering others, embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and encouraging personal development.

At Vivacity, Premie has found a vibrant sense of community, and has enjoyed the presence of like-minded individuals who are driven and goal oriented. Premie was thrilled to find a thriving culture and diverse team who had been cultivated under the leadership of George Emery and others at Vivacity. She has found that the environment at Vivacity is a seamless blend of professionalism and light-heartedness which provides the perfect space for work to meet play. This energizes Premie’s passion for making a difference. We’d say she’s been settling in pretty well!

Outside of work, Premie can be found out and about in nature. Premie has been known to enjoy hiking and climbing, with one of her favourite spots being Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, where she finds a sense of tranquility and peace, and she can take time for personal reflection and grounding in Buddhist principles. Premie also has a passion for volunteer work and finding ways to give back to her community, supporting a healthy and thriving society. Much in line with Premie’s soft, reflective, and cultured nature is her taste in music, which follows the genres of soul, funk, jazz, and R&B. She finds Sade’s music particularly well aligned with her personal journey, and finds solace in the authenticity and passion of her music.

To find out more about Premie’s work at Vivacity, her philosophies on life, or to talk music, reach out and connect!

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