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Vivacity's Escape Room Adventure: Unleashing teamwork and how the women won the company challenge

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

3 men and 4 women holding black and green signs at an escape room

Vivacity thrives on the power of teamwork, making us your trusted technology partner. We are fortunate to have such a highly diverse team, not only in terms of academic and professional backgrounds but also in terms of individuality. This diversity brings remarkable versatility to our team's operations, paving the way for success in every project and product. Whether it's our engineering team or our business team, their collaboration complements each other in every aspect, propelling Vivacity towards stronger growth as a unified company.

To foster teamwork and strengthen team bonds, we prioritize collaboration beyond the confines of work. Every month, our entire team ventures out to explore something new, exciting, and enjoyable, creating memorable experiences together. In May, the Vivacity team embarked on an exhilarating Escape Room challenge in Kamloops. Divided into two teams, the girls and the boys showcased their problem-solving skills, and while both teams successfully completed the challenge within the given time, the Vivacity women emerged as the much deserving winners while simultaneously setting a record by beating the previous best by over 10 minutes. Laughter and amusement filled the afternoon, leaving everyone with delightful memories.

Moving forward, we are committed to embracing novelty and excitement each month, fostering a positive work environment where teamwork will take center stage. We understand that success is not solely determined by victories but by our unwavering and never ending support for one another, whether in moments of triumph or setbacks. This supportive approach has fueled Vivacity's growth from a small team to a blessed group of eight employees, with ambitions of expanding further in the months and years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates filled with fun and enthusiasm from the exciting and ever growing Vivacity team.

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