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A  city connected in a comlex network of digital devices


The primary goal of a Wide Area Network (WAN) assessment is to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement within your organization’s existing network to ensure it can handle its current and future requirements effectively. The assessment involves a detailed analysis of network topology, bandwidth utilization, security measures, application performance, network scalability and redundancy, and overall network health. 


For municipalities and organizations, a WAN assessment holds significant value in optimizing network performance, enhancing security, improving cost effectiveness, fostering future readiness, enabling business continuity and disaster recovery, and potentially generating new revenue streams from existing assets.

people planning over a blueprint


Vivacity’s WAN planning and strategy services are designed to empower organizations with future-proof, high-performance, and secure WAN infrastructure. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to craft a tailored WAN strategy that aligns with your organization's goals and emphasizes scalability, redundancy, and security.


Our comprehensive WAN planning encompasses the design of an optimized network topology aligned with the geographical distribution of offices, data centers, and remote locations. We carefully select the right mix of WAN technologies, including MPLS, SD-WAN, and hybrid solutions, to meet diverse connectivity needs. With Vivacity's WAN planning and strategy services, organizations enjoy enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

dashboard of project management metrics


Our services extend to providing WAN quotation and comprehensive project management solutions to match your WAN requirements with your unique needs, budget constraints, and performance expectations. Leveraging our extensive network of technology partners, we craft customized WAN quotations that encompass all necessary hardware, software, and services. Our transparent and competitive pricing ensures clients receive cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance.


With our robust project management capabilities, we guide our clients through project initiation to final deployment. Our project managers closely coordinate with stakeholders, vendors, and internal teams, ensuring smooth communication and timely execution. We diligently track project milestones, proactively identify and address potential roadblocks, and maintain a strong focus on meeting deadlines and budgetary constraints. By combining our agile project management practices with reliable WAN quotations, we deliver turnkey solutions that enable organizations to embrace the benefits of modern, high-performance network infrastructure with confidence and ease.

two phones connected by a cord


At Vivacity Technologies, we excel in providing highly reliable and secure point-to-point communications services within the framework of Wide Area Networks (WANs). Our dedicated team of network specialists designs and deploys point-to-point connections that establish direct, private, and dedicated links between geographically separated locations. Whether it's connecting offices, data centers, or remote sites, our solutions ensure seamless data transmission, low-latency, and optimal performance.


We assess your specific requirements and network architecture to select the most suitable technology to create robust and secure connections tailored your needs. By deploying cutting-edge encryption and security protocols, we guarantee that sensitive data remains protected during transit, adhering to industry-leading security standards. Clients can experience enhanced data transfer speeds, reduced data loss, increased redundancy and resiliency, and an overall improvement in network efficiency, fostering collaboration and productivity across their entire organization.

Multiple antennas covering a wide area


Vivacity collaborates with strategic partners to deliver top-of-the-line Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solutions, ensuring seamless wireless coverage and enhanced connectivity in various environments. We conduct a thorough site assessment to understand your organization’s unique wireless communication needs including high-density areas, dead zones, and signal interference challenges. Based on this analysis, we design and deploy customized DAS solutions that ensure comprehensive coverage across your entire facility.


Our partners play a pivotal role in the installation of strategically placed antennas, bi-directional amplifiers, and fiber-optic cabling, enabling the effective distribution of wireless signals. With our dedication to quality and reliability, we guarantee a seamless user experience, eliminating dropped calls and improving data speeds throughout the covered areas. Our end-to-end approach includes regular maintenance, monitoring, and support, ensuring the DAS continues to meet the evolving needs of our clients, keeping their workforce, visitors, and customers seamlessly connected at all times.

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