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Introducing Vivacity and VivaCitadel - Podcast Episode 1

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Last week, we launched the first video introducing you to Vivacity and our newest product, VivaCitadel. This mini podcast series launched on our two year anniversary of incorporation. While the original purpose of this series was to give people a glimpse into what it is like to build out a new product and to talk about why we wanted to build VivaCitadel, it turned into something more. It does still serve both of those purposes, but it also serves as a bit of a retrospective for us, looking back at the last two years and how we got here. This podcast series created a sense of nostalgia for George and Stefano as they reflect on why they are here and what Vivacity has meant to them as it has grown. It also serves as something we can look back on in another two years to see how far we’ve come. This is something that we are very proud to share with you.

This mini podcast series will release twice a month on Tuesdays, with the next episode coming out on Tuesday, September 26. You can find shortened highlight reels from the podcast on our LinkedIn and full versions of the episodes on our YouTube Channel. Make sure you keep an eye out so you can follow along on this journey with us.

The first episode of the series is live on our YouTube channel in two parts. Part one looks into George Emery and his motivations for founding Vivacity. He talks about what it means to start up a new company in Kamloops, how he got from trying to build a company to the first new hire, and what his experience has been so far with Vivacity. In part two, we hear a little bit more about Technical Product manager Stefano Stamato and how he came to work for Vivacity. Stefano delves into what it is like to come from Brazil to a new country, to a new university, and how he made the jump from TRU to Vivacity. If you loved the first highlight video from our podcast series, make sure you check out the full episode on our YouTube channel! And for those of you who missed the highlight video on our LinkedIn, you can watch it there.

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