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The Vivacity Technologies story is about us taking bold leaps into the technology space. We focus on solving our clients most pressing issues, while helping organizations align their strategy to technology to accelerate growth.

Our clients ultimately rely on us as a trusted technology partner, as we help in the design, deployment and management of critical IT infrastructure.

Our Core Beliefs

​This is the VIva Team to our very core:

  • Long-term thinking - think about our legacy and the multi-generational impacts of what we do. Give back and be a Good Ancestor.

  • Lifelong development - our passion for lifelong learning and personal development is critical to our progress. Have the courage to be vulnerable along the way. 

  • Pave the way – help guide the future and challenge the status quo. We’re in this together to be technologists and innovators.

  • Client focused - success is born from being incredibly client focused. Work hard to be a trusted technology partner.

Our Purpose

In an ethical and equitable manner, we will use meaningful technology to build a better future for cities, organizations and citizens.

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