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Our story is one of change. As a start-up with a habit of embracing the unknown, we challenge the status quo and take bold leaps into the technology space to help solve our clients' most pressing issues. We help you align your strategy with technology to aid in accelerating your growth.


Our clients rely on us as their trusted technology partner. We help with the design, deployment, and management of critical IT infrastructure so you don’t have to.

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Why we built Vivacity Technologies

Vivacity Technologies was born from the idea that:

  •  Too many organizations suffer from poorly executed IT systems and projects that ultimately hinder their ability to grow;

  • Technology can be used for good, solving complex issues such as socioeconomic gaps, climate and sustainability threats, as well as building better communities and organizations;

  • Communities and organizations need a long-term partner they can trust and rely on.


We believe positive change comes from building meaningful relationships with our clients, offering you an excellent experience and filling in the gaps that keep you from moving forward. These are core to our beliefs and guide Vivacity Technologies in challenging the IT and technology space.

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Our Core Beliefs

Long-term thinking

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Through our work, we aim to leave the communities we touch better off than we found them. The goal for our work is to build a legacy and leave positive multi-generational impacts. We want to give back and be a good ancestor.

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Lifelong development

Our passion for lifelong learning and personal development is at the heart of what we do, and it is critical to our progress. We strive to have the courage to be vulnerable along the way. 

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Pave the way

There is no progress without change. We’re in this to be technologists and innovators. Together, we will challenge the status quo to help guide forward a better future.

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Client focused

Vivacity doesn’t exist without our clients. We recognize that success, for us and for you,  is born from being incredibly client-focused. We will work hard every day to be your trusted technology partner.

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Our Purpose

In an ethical and equitable manner, we will use meaningful technology to build a better future for cities, organizations and citizens.

Meet the Viva Team

At our core we're technologists, lifelong learners, and we're happy to challenge the status-quo. We come from a variety of different backgrounds, but we’re all focused on the same goal: we're restless in our pursuit to use digital infrastructure to support and improve the world we live in.

George Emery in a black shirt in front of a grafitti covered wall

George Emery

Project Lead / CEO

Stefano Stamato in a black shirt in front of a red brickedwall

Stefano Stamato

Head of Product

Dr. Premie Naicker

Premie Naicker

Director, People and Projects

Sheikh Farzin Rahman in a black shirt in front of a grafitti covered wall

Sheikh Farzin Rahman

Technical Business Analyst

Cassandra Roberge in a black shirt in front of a red brickedwall

Cassandra Roberge

Business and Marketing


Rhythm Chauhan in a black shirt in front of a red brickedwall


Technical Product Analyst

Jackie Gorman

Jackie Gorman

Software Engineer

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Kobe Shimoyama

Kobe Shimoyama

Brand and Marketing Designer

Meet our Advisors

Small businesses rely on the support and expertise of advisors to help guide their businesses in the right direction. Vivacity is no different. We rely on the thoughtful advice and hard truths that our advisors bring to the table to keep us moving forward. Without them, our company would look very different than it does today.

Brad Stimpson in a suit on a white background

Brad Stimpson

Lindsay Sill in front of a fireplace

Lindsay Sill

two people shaking hands

As Vivacity grows, we need talented individuals who are passionate about technology and the ways it can be used to create value and drive growth for our clients. Find out more about our job opportunities and see if you might be the right fit for us.

Join The Vivacity Team

Our Clients

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