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As a very client-driven company in the IT space, we wear many hats so that we can be flexible in meeting our clients’ needs. From consulting on and installing security infrastructure to keep your operations safe to helping identify gaps and solutions in your digital infrastructure, we want to be a partner you can rely on. 

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Cyber security is one of the most critical aspects of running a business in the digital age. The process for identifying your organization’s security challenges, needs, and constraints isn’t always easy. We support a number of clients with their security needs, offering both products and services designed to help you better understand and navigate your organizations’ security landscape.


Vivacity is proud to offer a Public Key Infrastructure and Certificate Authority platform: VivaPKI. This can help your organization own and manage digital certificates for purposes including but not limited to intranet domain verification, VPN access control, identity and access management (IAM), Azure Active Directory, Active Directory, passwordless authentication to Microsoft products, passwordless network authentication, and more. On premise and SaaS hosting options are available. Learn more about VivaPKI here.


Our security infrastructure services include penetration testing, application security assessments, security gap analysis, virtual CIO (vCIO), and custom consulting engagements.

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Digital infrastructure is central to virtually every modern business, encompassing critical elements such as power and connectivity, and addressing requirements such as redundancy, failover, disaster recovery, and high availability. Vivacity can help your organization make sense of your current digital infrastructure, recommend incremental improvements, and support your team through the implementation of initiatives. Alternatively, let us handle these challenges for you by hosting your equipment in our data centre facilities!


Our digital infrastructure products and services include:

  • Data centre equipment colocation and hosting

  • Digital infrastructure planning and implementation

  • Point-to-point links

  • Wireless network assessment, planning, and implementation

  • Fibre network assessments, planning, and implementation

  • Wide Area Network assessment, planning, and implementation

  • Cellular coverage enhancements / Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Smart City / Intelligent City infrastructure services

  • IoT network assessments and implementation

  • Commercial building connectivity planning and installation

  • Designing, deploying, managing and scaling critical IT infrastructure

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In our experience, making sense of Information Technology services, infrastructure, processes, policies, and procedures is often a significant challenge that many organizations face continually. Not only does this often require significant specialized resources, but it can be overwhelming to optimally leverage technology to drive your business’ success when innovation is moving at an unprecedented pace.


This is why we take pride in our IT consulting services, whereby the Viva team can help you identify, prioritize, and implement initiatives to help you use technology to improve efficiencies and create a competitive advantage. Although we adopt a highly customer-centric approach, understanding your business in depth to provide the best recommendations for your specific needs, we find the majority of projects fall within the following:

  • IT Gap assessments

  • IT environment audits

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Disaster Recovery Assessments

  • Data centre migration strategies

  • File system consolidation

  • Cloud migration of Microsoft environments

  • Smart city / intelligent city strategy

  • Virtual CTO (vCTO) services

  • Virtual CIO (vCIO) services

  • Azure cloud environment assessments


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Cities and Municipalities

Cities and municipalities play an instrumental role in driving economic growth and fostering technological advancements, thereby improving citizen well-being. We understand their challenges and offer catered solutions to:

  • Conduct comprehensive and in-depth audits of IT systems to ensure security and backup measures are in place.

  • Optimize to achieve the full potential of their existing and future IT infrastructure.

  • Generate additional non-tax revenue to better support community development.

  • Fuel economic stimulus to empower communities.

  • Facilitate the achievement of sustainability goals to contribute to a greener and healthier society.

With a dedicated team of expert IT professionals and technology enthusiasts, we provide independent analysis, extensive market research, and specialized guidance. Through these, we aim to equip municipalities with the necessary roadmaps and support them to enhance their IT infrastructure, which in return, benefits every individual citizen.

First Nation Organizations

First Nations communities are vital to the essence of Canada. Like many other organizations, they also seek assistance and direction in areas such as:

  • Developing in-house IT support skills and training.

  • Conducting audits on their existing IT service provider.

  • Receiving trusted and unbiased advice for implementing new technologies.

  • Conducting gap analyses to align IT services with future growth.

At Vivacity Technologies, our commitment lies in empowering organizations and First Nations communities through clear, decisive, and collaborative support, tailored to meet their IT initiatives and community objectives.

Our goal is to ensure that IT platforms and technology serve as tools to empower communities, rather than hinder their growth.

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME's)

In 2020, a vast majority of the people working in Canada were employed by small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses are really essential for the country's economy and social development. However, they still face some problems such as:

  • Improperly set up computer systems and non-scalable IT systems.

  • Vulnerabilities relating to cyber-security issues like hackers and ransomware attacks.

  • Inappropriate selection and deployment of software and technologies.

  • Not having a trusted and reliable IT service provider.


Vivacity Technologies ensures access to credible and dependable technology partners, allowing SME’s to concentrate on business growth and operational enhancements. 

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