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At Vivacity, we go above and beyond just being a vendor, and become an invaluable extension of your team. One of our most unique offerings is the vCIO role, which can bring immense operational value to your organization.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive and in-depth IT Assessment conducted by our team of experienced technologists and industry experts. Through a thorough analysis of your organization's current IT environment, we identify the gaps that exist between your current state and the industry's best and safest IT practices.

To bridge these gaps effectively, Vivacity offers the vCIO service, seamlessly integrating with your company to oversee all aspects of your IT operations. This includes tasks such as: 

  • evaluating and selecting the most suitable IT service provider for your organization; 

  • recruiting skilled in-house IT professionals;

  • implementing infrastructure and backup enhancements; 

  • deploying operational platforms and conducting training sessions on them;

  • managing configurations;

  • and supporting the growth of your internal IT team. 


With our expertise, we ensure your entire organization stays up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity knowledge and training, safeguarding you against various threats.

If you're interested in obtaining our vCIO service, contact us for a consultation. We look forward to becoming your trusted technology partner.

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