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At Vivacity, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet your IT needs. We recognize that comprehensive IT solutions require personalized services and careful management. Our range of products and services help provide support for data security, office connectivity, IT management and infrastructure, server hosting, and more. Let us find the right service for you to get your IT systems where you need them to be.

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VivaPKI: Public Key Infrastructure

In an increasingly complex digital world, maintaining your company’s security is critically important. Online, it can be difficult to tell if the people or devices you communicate with really are who they say they are, especially if you haven’t had contact with that source before. That’s where Public Key Infrastructure and Certificate Authorities come in. Learn how Vivacity can help you build trust in your digital communications so it’s one less thing your organization has to worry about.

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VivaCitadel: Intelligent City Platform

Municipalities have large sets of data locked away in silos which leads to limited visibility of their operations, networks, and sensors. This can make it difficult to track performance in achieving strategic goals or tackling pressing social concerns. This is where intelligent city and living lab systems come into play.

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IT Consulting 

Maintaining complex IT environments is a large task, and not always the easiest to do. With changing best practices, staying up to date and in line with your industry can be a struggle. It can be easier to manage with someone to help assess your operations for gaps. Vivacity has an experienced team of consultants who can help conduct assessments, help build business continuity plans, and even set up Microsoft 365 and sharepoint for your office.

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