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Vivacity Technologies serves as the trusted technology partner, providing trusted IT consulting services to clients across North America. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, which includes IT audits, digital security, cloud strategy, redundancy, and disaster recovery solutions. We aim to align your IT infrastructure with your business strategy, making that our ultimate goal. Our clients have always placed their trust in us to deliver specialized and reliable solutions that meet their unique IT needs.

Data Centre Services

Managing data centres is critical to keeping your IT infrastructure up and running, but it can be a complex and time consuming task. Experience seamless migration, reliable connectivity, and increased efficiency With Vivacity’s Data Centre Services. Whether you have a data centre that you need help cabling and managing, or need help hosting your servers, Vivacity does it all.

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WAN Planning and Implementation

Our Wide Area Network (WAN) services help companies increase efficiencies in communications and collaboration across geographically dispersed offices, remote locations, and global workplaces to streamline operations, improve application performance, and maximize productivity. 

Virtual CIO

At Vivacity Technologies, we understand the importance of not only having a clear view of your IT environment, but also having someone to help you manage the process to get your organization where you want to be. That’s why we offer vCIO services. Let us help you reach your goals in a way that is sustainable long term. 

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