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Vivacity Technologies 

As your trusted technology partner, Vivacity Technologies works to support your IT needs across a variety of industries. Our clients include everyone from municipalities, small and medium sized enterprises, First Nations organisations, and everything in between. We support our clients by deploying digital and security infrastructure and providing IT consulting services to bridge the gap between their current environments and their desired future states. The Canada-based Viva Team is made up of innovators and technologists that always put our clients first and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo so we can build a better tomorrow.

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Jazz Pabla, CIO and Director of Information Services

“Vivacity Technologies is an invaluable partner for our IT team and organization. Having them on board allows us to be more nimble, quickly pilot projects, and execute on long-term strategies.”
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Cyber security is a crucial part of any business in today’s world. Between your internal infrastructure and systems and the internet, there are a lot of potential risks. It can be hard to know what risks you face and how best to protect against them. We understand that. We offer a number of products and services to help you feel comfortable in the knowledge that your systems are secure.


Businesses today seldom exist without robust digital infrastructure, whether that is maintaining servers and connectivity for internal systems or storing and managing critical data. Some companies host their own infrastructure or rely on a trustworthy third party to host their infrastructure for them. Vivacity provides a number of digital infrastructure products and services to meet your organization’s needs.

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IT systems can be challenging, and often aren’t built for growth. They start off small and become a large, complicated patchwork of solutions as organizations struggle to match their systems to their growth. We can help. Vivacity offers IT consulting services to help get you back on track. We don’t want your systems to hold you back, but rather be able to grow with you and help accelerate your potential. 

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