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Meet Jaime Sedore

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

A brown haired woman in a black shirt in front of a wood fence

Meet Jaime Sedore - a hockey-playing, country music-loving software developer based in Kamloops, BC. She graduated from the University of Victoria in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science, and since then she has worked at some awesome companies like USNR, Clinnect, and her current gig at Vivacity Technologies.

Jaime feels what she loves the most about working at Vivacity is the culture which is all about pushing herself to try new things and grow. When she is not coding, one can usually find Jaime on the rink playing hockey. And when she is not doing that, she is probably jamming out to some good ol' country tunes.

Do connect with Jaime and chat about all things tech, hockey, and music on her Linkedin page.

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