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Meet Sarah Zeidel

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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Meet Sarah Zeidel, who is an invaluable member of our team at Vivacity. At her role as the Office Manager at Vivacity, she brings her expertise in sales and marketing to new heights. With a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the prestigious John Molson School of Business, Sarah has laid a solid foundation for her successful career journey.

Having started as the first employee at a financial startup, Sarah quickly proved her mettle in selling financial research across diverse sectors such as Paper & Forest Products, Retail, and large Pharma. Her exceptional sales skills and in-depth industry knowledge set her apart, propelling her to the role of team manager, where she nurtured and mentored new graduates to excel in the financial industry. Sarah's dedication to her work and her ability to create a thriving team environment led her to the vibrant city of Kamloops, BC, where she continues to make a remarkable impact. At Vivacity, Sarah's contributions are instrumental in our growth and success. Her passion for collaboration and her knack for fostering a positive work culture have brought together a talented group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, driving Vivacity forward.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Sarah's true joy lies in being a devoted mother of three wonderful children. Balancing work and family life, she relishes the flexibility Vivacity offers, allowing her to devote quality time to her loved ones. Outside of work, Sarah is definitely an adventurer. Whether she's shuttling her children to various activities, volunteering at their school, or indulging in her passion for pilates, she embraces life's daily adventures with enthusiasm. Weekends are a time for her to indulge in her favorite activities—skiing with family and friends at Sun Peaks during the winter and basking by a tranquil body of water during the summer. From the family cottage in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, to the stunning gulf islands or the peaceful drift on a paddleboard down the river, Sarah finds solace and joy in nature's embrace.

When it comes to entertainment, Sarah's taste veers towards the dynamic realm of music and movies. While she appreciates fine food and wine, she's equally thrilled by an infectious pop song that gets her dancing or a captivating rom-com or action-packed movie that brings laughter and excitement.

If you're eager to connect with Sarah, feel free to reach out to her on her LinkedIn.

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