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Meet Cassandra Roberge

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

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Let us introduce Cassandra Roberge, Vivacity’s very own Business and Marketing Analyst. Cassandra is a true academic superstar. She graduated with a BBA (with distinction) from TRU, specializing in Marketing and International Business. She is currently on the cusp of completing her MBA at TRU as well, where she's consistently been at the top of her class.

She worked as an Undergraduate Research Ambassador and also as a Research Assistant for the Undergraduate Research Department. Cassandra passionately worked on engaging first-time undergraduate researchers from all 4 years of their programs, using her marketing prowess to bring them into the fold. She also spent two summers as a Community Engaged Research Fellow. In one summer, she took on a cultural mapping project in Kamloops, uncovering barriers to community engaged research and finding ways to bridge the gaps. The following summer, she spearheaded a newsletter project to increase the reach of the Undergraduate Research Department. She has also made her mark at United Way TNC and United Way BC during two summers as a co-op student. Her invaluable contributions to Events, Marketing, and Communications have left a lasting impact on the organizations.

Cassandra absolutely thrives at Vivacity. What she loves most about working there is the freedom to explore new avenues and skills, especially in consulting. She appreciates the trust placed in her to not only learn but excel and grow with these newfound abilities.

When not at work, you'll likely find her in her cozy hideout, basking in the comfort of a good book or belting out tunes a little too loud. She's also a video game enthusiast and a true Legend of Zelda fan. Cassandra’s taste in music combines a love for the soft pop hits of the early 2000s with the pop music of today. As for movies, she's drawn to the excitement of fantasy and action genres. Plus, she's a self-proclaimed massive Harry Potter nerd!

Want to talk more about marketing analysis and video games? Connect with Cassandra on her Linkedin.

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