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VivaScoop - May 2023

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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And just like that, it's June!

It seems like only yesterday we were writing last month’s Viva Scoop, and yet May has come and gone in what felt like the blink of an eye. Since our last touchpoint lots has happened in the world, including unfortunately Alberta catching on fire and a near miss global financial crisis as the US narrowly avoids a default. Regardless of where you are in the world, we hope you’re staying safe!

From our side, lots has happened at Vivacity this past month, and we’re always excited to share the upside and sometimes downside of life in the Viva hopper. So, without further ado, here’s this month’s Viva Scoop!

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A Massive Welcome to Alex Kofman and Cassandra Roberge May was an absolute blast for the Vivacity team as we rolled out the red carpet to welcome two extraordinary individuals - Alex and Cassandra - to our incredible team. Alex’s credentials are nothing short of impressive as she comes equipped with a Computing Science Diploma from TRU, a BSc in Natural Sciences and extensive experience as a backend developer, coupled with an unwavering passion for coding. It was only natural for us to bring Alex on board as our newest Software Developer. Cassandra is the marketing maestro with a Bachelor of Business Administration and an ongoing MBA from TRU. Her dedication to mastering the art of marketing strategies is second to none and it is with great pleasure that we announce Cassandra's role as our Business and Marketing Analyst. A massive welcome to the team Alex and Cassandra. We are thrilled to have you both on board!

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Big Win with the City of Kamloops RFP

We’re extremely proud to announce that our bid for the City of Kamloops Request for Proposal (RFP) on Wide Area Network and Data Centre Services was successful!

This means a great deal to us as the City of Kamloops was our very first client and winning this RFP now takes our relationship to a whole new level. This also serves as a testament to the incredible work the Viva Team has been doing over the years. Huge kudos to the team for putting together a great bid, and a massive thank you to the City of Kamloops for their continued trust and support.

We’re so proud to serve a city doing such great work, and it’s our honor and privilege to be involved in shaping the future of technology for the community in which we all live, play, and work. Onward!

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Going Gold for MISA BC Fall Conference 2023

On October 2nd, the annual Fall Conference for MISA BC will be kicking off in beautiful Kelowna, BC. This is a week for representatives of local governments and vendors to come together to talk about IT and solutions for local communities. Vivacity is thrilled to announce that we will be a Gold sponsor of this year’s event!

Members from our team will be in attendance, proudly representing the Viva team and making important connections with stakeholders and local governments. You’ll be able to find us at our booth in the Exhibit Hall!

Make sure to keep your eye on the speaker list, as you may see a familiar Vivacity face teaming up with the City of Kelowna to give an exciting talk about intelligent cities in the municipality space! You can even attend the talk online if you can’t be there in person, while more details on the event schedule and registration can be found here.

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Its not always up, but its always learning

Finally, the work we do at Vivacity is for the most part a lot of fun and enjoyable. We have a great team (now 8 of us), with everyone always willing to pitch in.

More recently, we undertook a stab at the coveted New Ventures BC competition. This exciting event offers early stage companies in the province an ability for recognition and prize money. The Viva team was pumped and we put together a great pitch, but as in life some times your best isn't good enough and unfortunately we weren't selected to go through to the 2nd round.

In fact our submission got some very varied feedback from the 6 judges, with 4 saying we were on the right track, while 2 saying we likely wouldn't likely succeed as a business.

While initially disappointing, I genuinely love this type of feedback e.g. you're not good enough. It makes me want to push harder in the right direction and ensure we're successful as a team.

Overall the Viva team did a great job in the application and I'm very proud of our submission. In addition, it's a good thing that we're not always successful, but as long as we're always learning then we're winning.



Please spread the word on what we do and who we are. It's simple, but massively beneficial for Vivacity.

Thank you so much for tuning in and don't hesitate to reach out to the Viva team with any questions.

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Vivacity Technologies Ltd., Fraser St., Kamloops, British Columbia

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