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The City of Kamloops selects Vivacity Technologies for Data Centre, WAN, and Smart City Services

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

July 5th 2023, Kamloops, BC - Vivacity Technologies announced today that it was the successful proponent for the Kamloops Community Network and Data Centre Consulting public RFP published by the City of Kamloops. The 3-year agreement has members of the Vivacity team working alongside the City of Kamloops helping to undertake a wide range of technical activities including supporting the Kamloops Community Network, Data Centre operations, and Smart City products and services.

“Our goal has always been to help support cities and communities, which in turn contributes to the success of every business and citizen that resides within these ecosystems”, said George Emery, CEO and Founder of Vivacity Technologies. “We pride ourselves on being a trusted technology partner for our clients, and helping to align an organization's long-term goals with technology. Being selected by the City of Kamloops is a massive boost and endorsement for us and we’re incredibly proud of this relationship”.

In addition, Vivacity will play a key role in advancing the City of Kamloops’ Smart City initiatives, including in-depth assessments and strategic planning, the design and implementation of smart technology, and the provision of secure and dependable network infrastructure. This level of support extends to the City's data center operations, encompassing mapping, migration, and cable management, as well as advising on future power and cooling solutions.

“Vivacity Technologies is a wonderful technology partner for the City of Kamloops. Not only do they have deep technical knowledge, but they also aim to put the client first”, said Kuldeep Bath, the Information Technology Manager for the City of Kamloops. “This is as much a win for us as it is for Vivacity Technologies”.

This contract is an important step in the growing partnership between Vivacity Technologies and the City of Kamloops, and forwards their mutual goal of using technology to build a better future for the city, businesses, and residents. Vivacity Technologies hopes to springboard off this success by continuing to support municipalities, private businesses, and First Nation communities across North America.

Overview of Vivacity Technologies

As a trusted technology partner, Vivacity Technologies works to support your IT needs across a variety of industries, acting as an extension of your team. Our clients include municipalities, small and medium sized enterprises, First Nations organizations, and everything in between. We support our clients by deploying digital and security infrastructure and providing IT consulting services to bridge the gap between their current environments and desired future states. Based in Canada, our team is made up of innovators and technologists who always put our clients first and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo so we can build a better tomorrow. Learn more here.

For more information please contact us at:

Cassandra Roberge

Business and Marketing Analyst

Vivacity Technologies

Tel.: +1 250-733-0052


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