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Meet George Emery

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Meet our very own George Emery, the CEO and founder of Vivacity Technologies. Originally from the lush landscapes of Dorset, England, George grew up around a mix of sports and computer games, having a natural inclination to kick balls around outdoors. High school wasn't his strong suit and after dabbling in chicken farming, golf course upkeep, and bar work, George realized he needed to give education a second shot. George realized university life suited him much better, finding his stride in his BSc in Computing and Economics, although he was never fond of those tricky coding parts.

His adventures led him to Montreal, Canada where a tech startup gig became a launchpad for learning about technology projects and building relationships. As it turns out, George had a knack for project management and connecting with people. After the startup's downfall, George delved into market analysis and pursued an MBA. He then found himself in Kamloops, BC, with his family and running a data centre company. The years were tough but enlightening, marked by raising capital and navigating sales, finance, and operations. Still, George's resilience was unwavering, and his desire to start something fresh led to the inception of Vivacity Technologies.

George is all about the team spirit and the thrill of innovation. He can't help but appreciate the diverse and brilliant minds shaping our young company's journey. Our clients, like the City of Kamloops and others, also fuel his drive. Collaborating with those making positive change through technology? That's his zone.

When work takes a backseat, you'll find George embracing his ultimate joys: family time filled with swimming, biking, and soccer matches. His active lifestyle also includes training for an Xterra triathlon in Whistler, BC. If he's not racing or playing, you might spot him with friends, diving into books, podcasts, or music. George's genre preferences are vast, spanning rock, rap, R&B, and more. Small amounts of country music finds its way to his playlist. Currently, tunes from Shakey Graves, Florence + The Machine, alt-J, and Radiohead are on heavy rotation.

So, whether you want to talk about tech startups, data centres, running a business, or soccer, you can connect with George on his LinkedIn.

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