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Meet Rhythm

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Introducing Rhythm, Vivacity’s newest employee and Co-Op student! Rhythm works for Vivacity as a technical analyst, but she also has quite an impressive background from her time before Vivacity. Rhythm is in her final year of her Bachelor of Computing Science at Thompson Rivers University. In her time at TRU, Rhythm has worked her way up to being President of the TRUSU Women in STEM club, completed a research assistant position researching fileless malware and its impact as an emerging cybersecurity threat, and worked on numerous personal projects to improve her technical skills in a variety of applications. She has also been consistently at the top of her class, earning her Dean’s list recognition and 5 separate awards for her performance in the Faculty of Science.

At Vivacity, Rhythm has continued to excel and grow her technical skills, feeling both supported in and challenged by her work. She feels the culture at Vivacity helps her thrive, being the right mix of challenging, demanding, and comfortable which lets her find her place while pushing her to do her best work. She credits her coworkers at Vivacity for enacting the culture and enabling her to succeed. She knows that everyone is willing to help to make sure we all succeed together.

Outside or work, Rhythm has a set of well rounded interests. Like many here at Vivacity, Rhythm has a passion for music and enjoys singing and playing her guitar. When it comes to the great outdoors, Rhythm enjoys a good game of badminton or a round of golf when the weather and company are right. On those rainy days, you can find Rhythm curled up with a good historical fiction film. Her favourites are among the lines of “Little Women” and “The Book Thief”.

To find out more about Rhythm’s work at Vivacity, her academic work, or her passion for period pieces, reach out on LinkedIn and connect!

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