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Digital Infrastructure

Vivacity Technologies is a trusted technology partner. Our clients throughout North America rely on us for IT consulting services, including IT audits, digital security, cloud strategy, redundancy, and disaster recovery solutions. Aligning IT to your business strategy is our ultimate goal.

Common Industry Challenges


IT Assessments/Audits

Organizations suffer from uncertainty with their IT infrastructure, including redundancy and how secure the systems are against ransomware or hacking.

Trusted Partner

Vivacity has decades of experience in the technology space, so we know how hard it is to find reliable partners. That’s why being a trusted partner is one of our core values and something we strive towards every day.


Disaster Recovery

What happens if your organization gets hit by a disaster, how do you prioritize and get IT operations stood up quickly and efficiently?

Clear and Actionable

Critical to our solutions are clear, concise and actionable initiatives to help you drive your IT and organization forward.


Technology and Strategy

Instead of being an obstacle, how can organizations use technology to accelerate their growth and strategy?

Long-Term Thinking

Future proofing your organization for affordable, scalable and optimized solutions is at the forefront of any initiative Vivacity recommends.

Project Examples

City of Pitt Meadows.png

IT Business Continuity Plan Assessment

The City of Pitt Meadows is nestled between the Fraser River and Pitt River in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. With a population of approximately 20,000 in a rapidly growing region, the City of Pitt Meadows required guidance on their IT Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Over the years BCPs tend to become outdated, with a constant need to improve organizational resilience. Vivacity worked with the City of Pitt Meadows to highlight outdated policies and procedures and put in place an IT roadmap for improving IT Business Continuity. Contact us and learn more!

IT Assessment and Audit

Simpcw Resources Group (SRG) is the wholly owned economic development arm of Simpcw First Nation, a community with approximately 720 band members predominately residing in Chu Chua, British Columbia. SRG has experienced significant growth over the last 3 years. As with most organization, this growth has led to IT systems becoming stretched and gaps appearing in the digital infrastructure and security posture. As a trusted technology partner, Vivacity Technologies undertook an IT assessment and provided guidance on several initiatives to help SRG scale into the future. Contact us and learn more!

Azure Cloud Assessment

Headquartered in Ireland with regional offices in Toronto and Singapore, Fern Software (Fern) provides software solutions to financial institutions, with workloads hosted in multiple cloud environments. In particular, Vivacity Technologies was asked to assess and provide recommendations on Fern's Azure environment.  The end goal behind these recommendations was to enhance Fern’s Azure operations and protect against future outages or security breaches. Contact us and learn more!

Product Overview

Our clients rely on us to deliver clear and actionable IT programs, including initiatives such as data center migrations, business continuity planning, digital security analysis, or accelerating business goals through technology. Due to the critical nature of these programs, Vivacity utilizes methodologies and frameworks, as well as significant industry experience, to deliver on solutions.

Vivacity typically utilizes the following approach when undertaking IT consulting projects:

1. Organizational Goals and Objectives

Always understanding organizational objectives and drivers before jumping deep into the IT realm. Organizational goals, objectives and requirements along with constraints and opportunities/threats, will shape the direction of all IT engagements.

2. Sustainable Development Goals

Vivacity seeks to understand any Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that the future IT strategy can deliver on. Given the critical nature of SRGs today, every organization can support and boost their sustainability goals with a sound Information and Communication Technology strategy.

3. Continuous Feedback

Seeking feedback throughout the engagement – Vivacity doesn’t simply gather information up-front, then go away to develop final deliverables.  Such an approach stands a good chance of missing the client’s expectations or failing to factor in important information.  Instead, Vivacity produces the analysis with the client’s involvement and in close communication, with scheduled checkpoints and feedback along the way through meetings and workshops.

4. Tools and Frameworks

Over time, Vivacity has developed tools, frameworks and accelerators that will be used in projects to efficiently drive value for organizations.  The tools will bring structure and will benefit the engagement by applying industry-tested approaches.

The following diagram illustrates Vivacity’s approach to many of our IT engagements:

IT Consulting Framework - Vivacity Technologies

After gaining an understanding of the business landscape, a technology gap analysis will be conducted, which will ultimately produce a set of prioritized initiatives that can (with dependencies factored in) be built into a multi-year roadmap.  The approach to our gap analysis is depicted as follows, with circled numbers indicating a phase of the project/analysis:

With this approach, Vivacity Technologies ensures we undertake a thorough analysis on your IT environment, taking into consideration the complex world you reside in. Our goal is to be your trusted technology partner, aligning IT to your business strategy.

Product Overviw

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