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VivaScoop - April 2024

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The journey to building a company can be long and arduous, and clearly there's no shortage of pitfalls along the way. One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard on this subject was from Darwin Smith (xCEO at Kimberly-Clark), who was quoted as saying "I never stopped trying to be qualified for my job". There's so many unknowns, but my take away is never stop learning and growing. On this note, I recently read an awesome article from the Vancouver Tech Journal: Startup lessons from Canadian ‘unicorn’ founder and top executive Paul Teshima that I thought I'd share. Some pearls of wisdom in there for anyone interested.

Now, on with the show and welcome to VivaScoop, your monthly rundown of everything Vivacity Technologies. To learn more about our monthly activities, herewith VivaScoop April!

Welcome Jackie Gorman

The VivaTeam grows to 10 - Welcome Jackie Gorman!

At the beginning of April, the VivaTeam was thrilled to welcome on board our 10th employee, Jackie Gorman! Jackie joins Vivacity as a full-time Software Engineer.

Over the last several months, Jackie worked with Vivacity periodically as a contractor to help give the Dev team the capacity to get over some significant hurdles with VivaCitadel. In the short time Jackie worked with us she excelled, and when we needed more hands on the Dev team to keep scaling out VivaCitadel, she was a natural fit for the role.

Jackie has a background in computer science and software development. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in psychology from the University of Victoria, and worked as a Full-Stack Developer and Product Manager for Clinnect. With her diverse skill set, attention to detail, and bright mind, Jackie has already made a massive impact on the team and we’ve been thrilled to have her on board.


Please join us in wishing Jackie a warm welcome!

Front page of District of Logan Lake Case Study

Enhancing the Procurement Process - District of Logan Lake Case Study

In 2023, Vivacity undertook a procurement project with the District of Logan Lake. The District noticed they weren’t receiving the level of support and guidance they needed from their outsourced IT service provider. As such, they wanted to bring on a Managed IT Service Provider to help control the District’s IT infrastructure. To ensure they secured the right long-term IT provider, the District of Logan Lake engaged with Vivacity. Now, the District is onboarding IX Solutions as their Managed Service Provider.

You can read about the work we did to help the District of Logan Lake find their new Managed IT Service Provider in our newest case study “Enhancing the procurement process through Vivacity Technologies: How Vivacity helped the District of Logan Lake find a new Managed IT Service Provider”. You can read the case study here!

the NRC IRAP logo

Vivacity Secures $200,000 of NRC IRAP Funding to Support Scalability of VivaCitadel

As we close out  April, Vivacity is thrilled to announce that we have secured $200,000 of NRC IRAP funding to continue our work of turning VivaCitadel into a scalable intelligent city data platform.

As we near our first live deployment of VivaCitadel with the City of Kelowna, the Dev team have been hard at work rounding out the Property Information Request use case of the platform. This new round of funding will be used to scale this use case for VivaCitadel so it can be deployed in numerous Canadian municipalities, while also exploring new use cases for municipal service delivery improvements. The team will also be exploring how integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into VivaCitadel can boost its capabilities and effectiveness in data retrieval and extraction, therefore continuing to reduce the workload on city staff. You can view the press release on our plans for the funding here.

We are immensely grateful to the team over at IRAP who see the value in the work we are doing to improve day-to-day life for municipalities and their citizens alike.

The City of Kamloops logo

Cabling the City of Kamloops’ Data Centre

In March, Vivacity began working on a project with the City of Kamloops to redo the cabling for their main data centre. Over the last two months, we’ve carried out a significant amount of work clearing out old filler material from the data centre and determining how best to meet the city’s requirements while providing them with the optimal result. Of course, we’ve also been dealing with a significant amount of cables!

With the help of the capable team at RhiCom Networks, we’ve been able to transform the City’s data centre over the span of two months, cleaning up and consolidating their servers and re-cabling and labeling for better efficiency and easier maintenance.

As we near the end of the project, we can confidently say that the city’s data centre will be easier to manage and more resilient to disruptions thanks to the hard work of the project team. 



Please spread the word on what we do and who we are. It's simple, but massively beneficial for Vivacity.

Thank you so much for tuning in and don't hesitate to reach out to the Viva team with any thoughts or questions.

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Vivacity Technologies Ltd., Fraser St., Kamloops, British Columbia

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