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VivaScoop - November 2022

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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Welcome to Viva Scoop, your monthly overview of everything Vivacity Technologies.

December has finally arrived, there’s snow on the ground, the warm jackets are out, and the holidays are just around the corner. Before the winter break slowdown begins, however, there’s been a huge amount of activity at Vivacity over the last few weeks. This includes our Intelligent City and Living Lab project with the City of Kelowna, developing a plan to build a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Kelowna Airport, as well as hiring for a new business technology analyst.

To learn more about our pre-festive activities, herewith Viva Scoop November.

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The Inception of an Intelligent City and Living Lab

In October of this year, we kicked off an awesome project with the City of Kelowna involving an Intelligent City and Living Lab (ICLL) strategy. The ICLL is a key space for Vivacity, built out of our deployment of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), one of Vivacity’s flagship security products. With our PKI solution we can address security, management, and access control challenges, which have typically held back larger-scale smart city technology adoption.

What makes the City of Kelowna the ideal partner is the maturity of their ICLL program today, coupled with the significant challenges that still need attention. Luckily for Vivacity, the Kelowna team has embraced the ICLL vision, and aims to foster innovation and collaboration. We’re grateful for the opportunity to dive deeper into this space with the City of Kelowna, and we're massively excited by what lies ahead for the Intelligent Cities space.

Stay tuned to Viva Scoop to receive updates as we progress on this front!

The city of Pitt Meadows logo next to a heron on a colourful background
Data Centre Mapping and Migration

As part of our offerings, Vivacity undertakes a significant amount of work in the data centre space. Not only do we run our own micro data centre for Vivacity servers, but several clients co-locate their own server infrastructure in our space. In addition, we also undertake strategic assessments for other organizations, creating a path from current challenges to long-term success. More recently this has included a data centre mapping and migration project for the City of Pitt Meadows.

Through this engagement we’re helping the amazing IT team at Pitt Meadows complete an inventory and business service mapping exercise. For any municipality this includes a significant amount of servers and applications, however, once the business service mapping is complete, we swiftly move onto devising a plan for both the primary and secondary data centre deployments. Given the continual movement to cloud based applications, there is also some data centre capacity management thrown in for good measure.

We’re delighted to be working with the City of Pitt Meadows for this follow-on engagement, with our initial project focused on a Business Continuity Plan assessment. Ultimately this data centre work will lay the foundation for future IT strategies and initiatives.

two hands holding a 'we're hiring" sign
We're Hiring - Business Technology Analyst

After a turbulent October on the hiring front, we’re back on the hunt for a new Viva Team member.

Currently we have a posting for a Business Technology Analyst to join our awesome team, with the ideal candidate being based in Kamloops or interior British Columbia. Note, this position requires a very strong element of spoken and written English, given the client facing nature and significant writing to be completed.

If you know of anyone that might be a great fit for this role, please contact me directly or pass along the following link

Santa Claus bench pressing at the Gym
10 Ways to End 2022 Strong 💪

I like to keep up-to-date on the investing and VC (Venture Capital) world, and so one of the people I tune into is Chris Neumann from Panache Ventures. Chris often has some entertaining posts, as well as providing valuable insights on how to approach fundraising, capital markets, and generally the world of startups.

More recently Chris released his 10 WAYS TO END 2022 STRONG, which highlights 10 things you should think about, as a small business given the holiday season wind down. It's a short read, but packed with golden nuggets of information, including:

  • Go All-In on Sales

  • Talk to Your Customers

  • Show Appreciation for Your Team

  • Recharge

As many people have heard me say, sales and customers are the lifeblood for any organization, so it's critical you get this right throughout the year. That being said, the holiday period generally runs at a slower pace for our clients, so it's a wonderful opportunity to touch base, show a little appreciation, and think about the following year.

Finally, the recharge is so critically important, and I know the Viva Team have been pushing hard for several months now. Because of this, I'm really looking forward to getting some downtime, cracking open the eggnog (yes I love it 🍻), and spending some much needed time with my family. I can’t wait!



Please spread the word on what we do and who we are. It's simple, but massively beneficial for Vivacity.

Thank you so much for tuning in and don't hesitate to reach out to the Viva team with any questions.

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Vivacity Technologies Ltd., Fraser St., Kamloops, British Columbia

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