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Angela Liu joins Vivacity Technologies as a Software Developer

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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Vivacity Technologies is delighted to announce Angela Liu will be joining the Viva Team in May, 2022. Angela is a 4th year Co-op Student from Thompson Rivers University (TRU) currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. In addition to successfully completing upper-division coursework in applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science projects, Angela has gained a firm understanding of reading patterns of rising market strategies and technologies.

With Angela's previous work experience as a Data Analyst Intern, supervising learning models using Python, as well as the Governor’s Challenge Competition organized by the Bank of Canada regarding Monetary policies to help the economy recover post-pandemic, Ms. Liu is confident and excited by the challenges at Vivacity Technologies.

Overview of Vivacity Technologies

Vivacity Technologies supports organizations through IT consulting services, and the deployment of digital and security infrastructure. As a trusted technology partner we become an extension of your team bridging the gap between current IT environments and desired future states. Some of our key clients include private firms, municipalities and first nation organizations. Based in Canada, the Viva Team are technologists, focused on long-term strategy, challenging the status quo and being incredibly client focused. For more information see or contact

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