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Meet Jackie Gorman

Say hi to Jackie Gorman, one of Vivacity’s star Software Engineers with an eye for design and a passion for fashion!

Jackie Gorman

Jackie’s journey started after graduating in spring 2019 from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Computing Science, specializing in Software Engineering, with a minor in psychology. Jackie started out as a software developer at a startup called Central Referral Solutions. Through this role, Jackie was involved in every step of designing and developing a web application called Clinnect. Two years later, Jackie became the Technical Lead of Clinnect, and eventually the Product Manager, leading a small team of software developers while performing demos, conducting training, and providing customized solutions to clients in need. Jackie has also done work designing and implementing a website for Kamloops Surgical Centre. In September 2023, she joined the Vivacity team as a contractor to help develop the MVP for VivaCitadel. 

Through her work at Vivacity, Jackie appreciates the company-wide mutual trust that allows her to work flexibly, maintain her personal health and well being, and have the freedom to manage her workload and work style her way. She also enjoys being involved in every phase of a project from planning to implementation, having her own voice in discussion, and trying new things that keep her role interesting and dynamic.

Outside of her work, Jackie splits her time between hiking the nearest waterfall or mountain, photography (digital and 35mm film), drawing, painting, and occasionally reading or watching a good TV show. For her, nothing beats the golden light of a sunset sky. She’s no mere hobbyist, either: she does freelance professional photography and runs a cookie-decorating business with her soccer buddy and fellow workmate Jaime. Her style is suitably matched by her music tastes, with indie folk and pop at the top of her playlists; she has a tendency to sing her heart out and feel all the feels! The same goes for her favourite shows: she loves a series with the range to make her laugh and cry.

To learn more about Jackie and her fantastic work, reach out to her on LinkedIn and connect!

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