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Vivacity Technologies and The City of Kelowna Join Forces for an Innovative Smart City Pilot Project

November 30th 2023, Kamloops, BC - Vivacity Technologies, a new entrant in the smart city industry, is delighted to announce a pilot project with the City of Kelowna for their innovative smart city data platform, VivaCitadel. This pilot project marks a significant step forward in utilizing city data to improve operational efficiencies and help municipalities generate non-tax revenue.

“Vivacity Technologies is thrilled to work with the City of Kelowna on this pioneering project”, commented George Emery, Founder and CEO of Vivacity Technologies. "VivaCitadel represents another step towards intelligent city data management, and by partnering with the City of Kelowna, we aim to showcase the power of municipal data in generating non-tax revenue. At the same time, this data can be used to improve both the cities and citizens lives through operational efficiencies.”

Key Features of the new VivaCitadel data platform, include:

  1. Breaking Down Data Silos: With VivaCitadel, municipalities can access data from their various systems in one easy-to-use, searchable interface.

  2. Non-tax Revenue: VivaCitadel empowers municipalities to collect revenue through the sale of value-added data mitigating the need to raise taxes for residents.

“The City of Kelowna is embracing the potential of VivaCitadel to help improve the way data is managed and utilized for the benefit of the community”, said Jazz Pabla, Information Services Director, City of Kelowna. "The partnership with Vivacity Technologies and the implementation of VivaCitadel aligns with our commitment to leverage technology for the betterment of our city. We look forward to unlocking the full potential of intelligent data management."

The VivaCitadel pilot project commenced in November 2023 and will run for five months. Throughout the pilot, both parties will actively engage with the community to gather stakeholder feedback and ensure that VivaCitadel aligns with the unique needs of Kelowna’s residents and staff.

If you think VivaCitadel might be right for your municipality, please visit the Vivacity website here, or contact Vivacity’s Head of Product Stefano Stamato at to set up a consultation.

Overview of Vivacity Technologies

As your trusted technology partner, Vivacity Technologies works to support your IT needs across a variety of industries, acting as an extension of your team. Our clients include municipalities, small and medium sized enterprises, and First Nations organizations. We support our clients by deploying digital and security infrastructure and providing IT consulting services to bridge the digital gap. Based in Canada, our team is made up of innovators and technologists who put our clients first and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo so we can build a better tomorrow. Learn more here.

For more information please contact us at:

Cassandra Roberge

Business and Marketing Analyst

Vivacity Technologies

Tel.: +1 250-733-0052


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