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VivaScoop - June 2023

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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Welcome to Viva Scoop, your monthly rundown on everything Vivacity Technologies.

It's been another awesome month as we continue to put the building blocks of Vivacity together. The Viva team have been undertaking phenomenal work, including onboarding with the City of Kamloops, as well as our newest client (see below). In addition, we managed to get the team together to figure out our Q4 Rocks, followed by some fun and relaxation in the park. Note to self, don't take Jaime on at Spikeball again! In addition, we have just celebrated Canada Day , so I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Now, without further ado herewith Viva Scoop June!

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Welcome to Rhythm Chauhan our 2023 co-op student! The month of June started with us welcoming our newest co-op student onto the team - Rhythm Chauhan! Rhythm is an incredibly accomplished and dedicated Computing Science student at Thompson Rivers University, and once we started talking about finding a co-op to join our engineering team it was clear she’d be an excellent fit.

Upon her start, Rhythm has been making strides on a complete redesign of the Vivacity website to help improve our online presence. In addition, she’s been an exceptionally quick study in getting up to speed with our products, services, and technology stacks.

We’re super excited to have Rhythm on the team, so once again welcome aboard Rhythm Chauhan!

The words "Saulteau First Nations" next to a blue feather

We're delighted to announce our newest client - Saulteau First Nations

We’re extremely proud to announce that Vivacity will be working with Saulteau First Nations (SFN) on an initial IT Assessment. As some background, SFN is a First Nation community located about 130 km west of Fort St. John, with approximately 1,300 band members.

Like many of our customers to date, SFN was looking for a trusted technology partner to help independently assess their current IT environment and uncover where gaps may exist in their cyber security, infrastructure and IT operations. This 3 month engagement will see the Viva team undertake numerous stakeholder interviews, including a trip to visit their beautiful community.

We couldn't be happier than to support SFN in this engagement, so stay tuned for updates on our progress and potential next steps.

A green letter V

Product (Viva Citadel) Demo Day

The month of June also saw the engineering team undertake a presentation of our product development direction to 12 leaders in the municipality IT space. Not only did we gain invaluable feedback from all the folks involved, it was excellent to connect with folks so close to the community who routinely leverage technology to improve city operations and citizen experience.

As a thank you for our attendees’ time, we made a donation on behalf of each of them to the Kamloops Food Bank - an organization helping individuals in our community keep food on the table when they need it most.

We’re super excited to continue to refine our direction based on this feedback, and look forward to showcasing more of what we do in the coming months! In the meantime, if you think your organization is facing challenges around finding and accessing data, analytics, and business intelligence - please reach out here. We think we can help in this area, and we’d love to hear from you!

A blonde woman next to two bald men on a green background

A big shoutout to our amazing advisors!

Finally for our Viva Scoop June we'd like to say a few words on some of the awesome people who play a critical role in where we're going, our advisors.

Advisors play such a crucial role not only for Vivacity, but also for numerous small businesses across Canada. Clearly they have been instrumental in guiding us from managing finances to developing sought-after products, and enabling Vivacity to achieve remarkable milestones since its inception.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions, we recently dedicated a blog post to celebrate our esteemed advisors: Lindsay Sill, Roy Hart, and Bradford Stimpson. Our blog post also delves into the various aspects of why advisors are key, including mentorship, guidance, strategy alignment and so much more. In the article we shed light on how and why seeking out advisors can be a great benefit to your career or business. Click here to read our post.



Please spread the word on what we do and who we are. It's simple, but massively beneficial for Vivacity.

Thank you so much for tuning in and don't hesitate to reach out to the Viva team with any questions.

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Vivacity Technologies Ltd., Fraser St., Kamloops, British Columbia

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