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IT For First Nations Organizations - Our Journey with Simpcw Resources Group

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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The Viva team takes pride in acting as an extension of our clients’ teams in our mission to become the trusted technology partner. Today we are sharing one of our most exciting journeys in this mission by telling you the story of our work with Simpcw Resources Group. It’s been incredible to witness the positive change taking place at this organization over the last year, and it is our honour and privilege to work with and learn from a thriving First Nations organization in British Columbia.

What is Simpcw Resources Group?

Simpcw Resources Group, or SRG, is the economic development arm of the Simpcw First Nation. They are responsible for overseeing a variety of activities taking place within the Simpcw Territory, which covers approximately 5 million hectares of land. Growing to 150+ employees over a short period of time to meet growing demands meant SRG blossomed into a thriving organization, but also put the spotlight on the need for improving the IT services and infrastructure empowering this growing workforce. That’s where the Viva team comes in!

Identifying IT gaps

Our relationship with Simpcw Resources Group started in the spring of 2022, when we provided a comprehensive IT assessment looking at the client’s complete digital and security infrastructure. Through this engagement, our team identified 35 gaps in the clients’ environment and scoped out 14 initiatives to bring the client to the targeted future state. This gave SRG a high-level understanding of all IT-related services and infrastructure alongside a clear tactical roadmap for enhancing these business functions.

Seeing things through completion

Once our initial assessment was delivered, the client was excited with the proposed initiatives and enlisted our support on driving these projects forward. As such, in August of 2022 Vivacity began to act as the Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) for Simpcw Resources Group. Since then our team has been working closely with the client to implement a number of IT initiatives, including infrastructure and backup enhancements, Microsoft 365 implementation and training, configuration management, and supporting the growth of the client’s internal IT team.

Contact Us

If you’re facing challenges adapting your IT environment to the ever changing technology landscape, we’re here to help! Our team of experts specializes in supporting organizations of all sizes to align technology and strategy, and our relentless client focus is a key element of becoming a trusted technology partner. Contact us here, we’d love to hear from you!

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