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Vivacity Technologies leverages vCIO services to merge IT and Strategy at SRG

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At Vivacity Technologies, we offer vCIO services for our clients, and we are  proud to be the vCIO for two First Nations Organizations - Simpcw Resources Group (SRG) and Saulteau First Nations (SFN). In this pivotal role, our main objective is to seamlessly establish and integrate IT into the operations of the organization through a series of initiatives, thus enhancing the overall work experience for employees. Different from work conducted by the conventional or traditional IT service providers, we collaborate closely within the organization, acting as a bridge between the organization and their service provider, to narrow the gaps between their current IT infrastructure and the desired and optimal IT environment. Our end goal through these services is to allow our clients to run their IT effectively and efficiently without us, feeling secure in their IT environment and new capabilities.

Within our vCIO services, we start off the year by conducting strategy sessions to plan out a roadmap for the upcoming quarters. In early 2024, we held this strategy session with the SRG team. Our approach involves reflecting on the previous year—acknowledging successes and what went right, taking the time to recognize and celebrate the efforts the team made last year, identifying areas for improvement, and figuring out alternative courses of action. Each team member contributes valuable insights, and we use their observations in the analysis phase to develop their collective observations into shared conclusions. This paved the way for a busy brainstorming session, where the team at SRG came up with ideas for what they should strive to implement in the current year. Collating these suggestions, we ranked and grouped the ideas into specific IT initiatives, all geared towards enhancing the organization's efficiency and effectiveness. To ensure accountability, each IT professional was assigned to oversee specific initiatives. These initiatives were then broken down into smaller, actionable items which when paired with a planned roadmap, work towards achieving the IT goals by the year's end.

Vivacity likes to move away from the traditional tactical and strategy session practices when planning out what happens next. This unconventional approach has always helped our team and clients generate spontaneous and effective ideas and strategies. Since day one, the entire VivaTeam has been instilled with the strong principle that there are no bad ideas. It is with these ideas that we grow alongside our clients and assist them in getting to where they need to be. 

Read more about our vCIO services and delve deeper into the work that we do.

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