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VivaScoop - November 2021

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to new readers joining Viva Scoop for the first time. This is your monthly rundown on everything Vivacity Technologies. As we draw closer to the end of the year things will start slowing down, but it's been an extremely busy and rewarding last few weeks.

Recently we completed a Strategic Facilitation Session for the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, with our partner New Quest Coaching and Consulting. Additionally, we've now delivered on 3 out of 4 assessments for the City of Kamloops. This includes a data centre assessment and an analysis on the Kamloops Community Network, 66 km of dark fibre running throughout Kamloops.

Additionally, we've some exciting updates from the last few weeks. So without further delay, herewith November's update.

Redline communications logo
Private Key Infrastructure

We're delighted to announce that Vivacity has signed a 5 year agreement with Redline Communications to provide their organization with Private Key Infrastructure (PKI). Redline is a publicly traded technology company headquartered in Ontario, with big ambitions to grow their market share. Our initial conversations with Redline highlighted their need for a trusted partner who could offer a secure, but lower cost PKI solution. Vivacity was ready to step up to the plate, so watch out for further updates over the coming months.

innovator skills initiative graphic
We're hiring!

One of the amazing things about starting a company in Canada is the access to government funding. The programs are vast and deep pocketed, designed to help companies develop technology, work with universities, and hire talent. Vivacity was recently awarded a grant through the Innovate BC Innovator Skills Initiative. With this grant we're hiring a Business Analyst/Project Coordinator to help with the growing list of projects.

community futures logo and leaf
New project kickoff

This past month saw us kickoff an IT assessment / audit on Community Futures - Thompson Country, an organization focused on supporting rural entrepreneurs with loans and coaching. Over the last few years Community Futures has suffered from rising IT costs and a lack of clarity from their IT Service Provider. As such, Vivacity is undertaking a gap analysis on their environment and putting in place a roadmap for improvements. It's been great getting to know the Community Futures team and we look forward to delivering on this project.

a woman similing in a garden
The metaverse - say what?

As you might have seen, Facebook recently announced their name has changed to Meta. This had us asking why and what is the metaverse anyway? Upon scouring the web, we found the following article that provides some great insights on why this is important and what the future potentially holds. If you've seen the movie Ready Player One, then you are already one step closer to understanding the possibilities. Get ready for an immersive world soon.



This month we're highlighting just one thing that we need support with, namely:

Thank you so much for tuning in and don't hesitate to reach out to the Viva team with any questions.

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