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City of Kamloops Joins VivaCitadel Design Partners Program

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June 25th, Kamloops BC – Vivacity Technologies is thrilled to announce the newest participant in the VivaCitadel Design Partners Program: the City of Kamloops. The program is an initiative aimed at unlocking data silos and exploring alternative revenue and cost recovery opportunities for municipalities through innovative smart city data management solutions.

VivaCitadel is a smart city data management platform dedicated to revolutionizing municipal operations by streamlining and automating public request processes. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, VivaCitadel enables municipalities to optimize their intake process, improve efficiency, and better serve their communities.

The Design Partners Program, spearheaded by the Vivacity Technologies Development Team, brings together forward-thinking municipal leaders who share a common vision for driving improvements in municipal service delivery. Through collaboration and collective expertise, Design Partners will work hand-in-hand with Vivacity to guide the future of the VivaCitadel platform to bring meaningful change to the service delivery process.

By joining the Design Partners Program, the City of Kamloops hopes to contribute to the future evolution of the product suite. Through this collaboration, the City aims to explore the future possibilities of technology in streamlining processes, increasing transparency, and enhancing the overall citizen experience, starting with reviewing solutions Vivacity has developed for the City of Kelowna and evaluating if the platform could be a good fit for different use cases within the City.

"We are thrilled to welcome the City of Kamloops to the VivaCitadel Design Partners Program," said Stefano Stamato, Head of Product at Vivacity Technologies. "The City’s participation underscores their commitment to excellence in service delivery and their willingness to explore new solutions that could meet the evolving needs of their community. Together, we look forward to exploring and redefining the future of municipal data services."

As a Design Partner, the City of Kamloops will play a pivotal role in helping guide the future development of the VivaCitadel platform, ensuring that it meets the needs and regulatory requirements of municipalities across Canada, and delivering increased value to constituents.

For more information about the VivaCitadel Design Partners Program, please email

Overview of Vivacity Technologies

As your trusted technology partner, Vivacity Technologies works to support your IT needs across a variety of industries, acting as an extension of your team. Our clients include municipalities, small and medium sized enterprises, and First Nations organizations. We support our clients by deploying digital and security infrastructure and providing IT consulting services to bridge the digital gap. Based in Canada, our team is made up of innovators and technologists who put our clients first and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo so we can build a better tomorrow. Learn more here.

Overview of VivaCitadel

VivaCitadel is Vivacity Technologies’ smart city data management solution that streamlines and automates cities’ data processes. By breaking down data silos and removing the burdens of legacy systems, VivaCitadel allows municipalities to make more efficient use of their resources while recapturing the costs required to perform these services. VivaCitadel allows municipalities to perform necessary services with greater efficiency while improving the service delivery experience and quality for staff and citizens alike.

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Cassandra Roberge

Business and Marketing Analyst

Vivacity Technologies

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